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About Ladhak

“Ladakh” North of India J&K state, named like “the Broken moonland”,  “Lands of Lamas and Monasteries”, “little Tibet”, “Roof top of the world” and  so on is a perfect, unique, Adventures beautiful Landscape, and natures gift of Great Himalayas and Karakoram Mountain Peeks, oozing many rivers like Indus, Shyok, Siachen and Shimmering lakes like Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsoker and abundant wild life has been a tourist attraction for more then two decades, with its preserved culture   till date, dominated by Budhist  religion and culture in leh district, Muslim religion in kargil district with so many races like, Mongolian,  Aryan, Brokpa’s and nomads.

Before Ladakh was ruled  independently by its king like (Namgyal  dynasty but after the invasion of Dogras it was ruled by Gulab Singh then came the powerful ruler the British and subsequently incorporated with the J&K State of India.

Ladakh was opened for Tourist somewhare   in 1978-79, since then it has been an ideal and favorite tourist destination for foreigner (mostly) and Indian during Summer Season June-Sept.