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Shopping in Lah

Once you have made yourselves at home among the snow-laden hillocks in Leh, you can wander around the bustling markets in the heart of the city. A shopper’s haven, Leh’s streets teem with Himalayan handicrafts stores, dry-fruit vendors and flea markets. While the land of Gompas plays host to neighbouring Kashmiri and the migrant Tibet population, it also preserves their culture by giving place to their art, cuisine and craftsmanship.

As Julleys greet you at every corner, don’t forget to stop here:

* Ladakhi handicrafts- robes (Konchas), Hats (Tibi), intricate gold, turquoise and ruby jewellery and Yak wool clothing are sure to cast their exotic spell on you

*Religious artefacts—Thangka paintings and mani (prayer wheel) depicting the rich Mahayana form of Buddhism are a must buy

*Bookshops with a wide variety of Buddhist literature

*Pashmina shawls from Chang-Thang and the Valley

*Tibetan Refugee markets are a must visit for antique jewellery and armoury

*Apricots/Apples fresh from the fields, dry fruits from the Himalayas, Kashmiri Zaffran (Saffron) and condiments

*Jams, fresh-fruit crushes and pickles

*Specially designed t-shirts and bags chronicling your trip to the land of Gompas